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Testing and Quality Assurance

Quality & commitment meets together

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System Architecture and Design

Nurture & develop talents to explore future

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24/7 customer service

Our stakeholders are our inspiration

Web Design

Design is the process of collecting ideas, and aesthetically arranging and implementing them

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Domain Registration

Even if you’re not ready to build out a Web site, you can “park” your domain name until you’re

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Customar Support

Your imagination is the limit! Salbii is suitable for corporate websites – business company, marketing agency.

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Social Media

Social networking websites allow individuals and businesses to interact with one another and

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Premium Template

Those of you who have spent any length of time browsing the WordPress Free Themes Directory

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Web Hosting

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations

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Payment Getway

Payment gateway is an application on an e-commerce website that allows the website to link the client

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Internet marketing

Internet marketing is important because it aligns with the way consumers make purchasing decisions

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The digital landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years, but SEO still remains an

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SSL Certification

Why SSL? As a web developer, I have come across many customers who ask “Why do I need SSL?

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SMS Marketing

If you haven’t already considered integrating SMS into your marketing strategy, this is the blog post for you!

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Dedicated server

Keep your dedicated server in of one our world class data center with utmost ease! We offer full administration support

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Build Your Business with Our Experts

Few of Our Clients


Country’s leading edu institution works actively for the career development of young leaner of BD. S@ifur’s has already enlightened  lives of thousands fresh spirits.


The 1st intensive publication house designed specially to meet the demand of students of all classes. All the lectures, questions, exam papers are designed by academic experts.


IJT, a concern of S@ifur’s is a leading soft skill and capacity building training institute of Bangladesh. This institute has been playing a pivotal role in quality training.


1st & largest English Learning competition in Bangladesh. English Olympiad inspires & arranges English Learning camps & initiatives through out the year for young learners.


i-shikhok is the first online learning tool introduced with a spiritual team. i-shikhok is free online learning center with great presence of teachers, students & consultants.


Information to assistance, need of every student meets by eduepic. Eduepic is a different step in educational websites of Bangladesh with critical analysis.


A strong student association with presence of all present & previous students of S@ifur’s. The alumni association facilitates sharing ideas & initiatives for exploring the future.


A online Radio Channel inspires & updates the young learners of the country to move forward with new ideas & initiatives. Radio Gajo is a inspiration to to the socity.


“Ensures job data, preparation & promotion” Job Olympiad starts journey with this tag line. Job Olympiad generally arranges nationwide job placement campaign for job seekers.


From school to University Admission Olympiad ensures all assistance to knowledge seekers. The web site of Admission Olympiad is enriched and effective for admission seekers


GB is a great association of students, teachers, education consultants & practitioners. GB is continuing its operation to explore the young talents of the country for development.


Commando is leading Direct Marketing Service assistance firm in Bangladesh. Commando covers all aspects of direct marketing for both new & established brand.


We are different !

Our exceptionally deep technical expertise allows us to take on projects often perceived as too complex or difficult by other developers.Our size, stability and track record gives our clients confidence and assurance that we will be able

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News & Updates

  • Top 10 computer mistakes beginners make


    Below we’ve listed the top 10 mistakes we find beginner computer users making and how you can avoid falling into the same mistakes. (more…)

  • Top 10 tips for keeping your e-mail inbox clean


    We use e-mail in our daily life frequently. E-mail communication becomes a basic part of our communication. Below is a listing of our top 10 tips for keeping your e-mail inbox clean, which can keep your inbox clean and your e-mail experience more enjoyable.


  • General Cleaning Tips of Computer

    Below is a listing of suggestions to follow when cleaning any computer components or peripherals as well as tips to help keep a computer clean.
    1. Never spray or squirt any liquid onto any computer component. If a spray is needed, spray the liquid onto a cloth.
    2. You can use a vacuum to suck up dirt, dust, (more…)
  • Shortcut keys of computer

    Short cut keys make our life easier.Sometimes we become confused to use the right key for the right. List of few useful keys are listed here: Shortcut Keys Description Alt + F File menu options in current program. Alt + E Edit options in current program Alt + Tab Switch between open programs F1 Universal Help in almost every Windows program. (more…)

Meet the Expert & share the expertise

3 months long Professional Training on Web design & development

3 month long Training on Professional reputed Web designers of the country. This is the dream opportunity for the both beginners & professionals. The intensive Training will cover the following areas of professional development:

  • Writing and editing content
  • Designing webpage layout
  • Determining technical requirements
  • Updating websites
  • Creating back up files
  • Solving code problems

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